Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 Things about US. this will be hard.

1. i helped jennifer move her whole room home from college after only knowing her for a week.
2. we both have two brothers and two of them are great athletes.
3. our personalities compliment each other very well.
4. we want our kids to get jenns brain and looks and my athleticism and work ethic.
5. we met one weekend in stillwater skipped a week and then hung out everyday of the summer and the rest is history.
6. she is a snuggling monster and i shy away from snuggling at any given chance.
7. she is the camera freak and i am the one running from the camera. I HATE IT!
8. we are living in our first house and dream daily of building our own.
9. we both drive black vehicles. mine is cooler though.
10. we both know this list is very random.
11. she is a teacher and im a firefighter.
12. jenn is a great dresser and very style concious and then theres me. nuff said.
13. jenn would rather stay up all night doing things and im going to be the first one up to get my things accomplished.
14. she is a sissy when it comes to cold and i enjoy the cold.
15. i knew how to cook when we got married, jenn is learning daily. disclaimer:she does an awesome job every time.
16. jenn only had one class in high school less than an A. well for me i was lucky to have one A in a class in high school. revert to #4.
17. we love hanging out with our friends.
18. if jenn wins money gambling even a quarter, she is ready to cash out. i usually wont stop until i lost the money i came with.
19. jenn loves beach/hot vacations, and i love snow/mountains/cold vacations.
20. jenn was a city girl growing up and i was a country boy growing up. she is wanting to come over to my side.
21. we are both addicted to coffee.
22. we are both addicted to coffee. yeah its that bad.
23. she wants 3 kids and i want 2 kids.
24. her dog is tobi, a yorkie; and my dog is cash, a black lab. cash is cooler.
25. i want a motorcycle and jenn despises the idea.
man this was a stretch for my blogging/creative skills.


Cody, Holly, and Luke said...

That was an excellent list. Makes me wonder what Cody would write about us!!!

The Pettijohn's said...

I hope the orange font is not in honor of some school up in OK...crimson is by FAR a better choice!

Boomer Sooner, if you know what's good for ya ;)

Great list!!